A Quick Update on Bert

Bert is doing very well and so far he remains cancer free.

I’m still blending his food up to a pea soup texture and I’ve started him on cans of kitten food to help him gain back some of the weight he lost. He really loves the kitten smoothies I blend for him every day and I think he’s already gained a little weight back.

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3 thoughts on “A Quick Update on Bert”

  1. Yay!!! I am thrilled to hear an update on beautiful Bertie. I wanted to ask…?, but I was scared.
    Hope you and Mark and the rest of the family are all doing well.

    1. We’re thrilled too. I really love to see him chowing down…he’s made such good progress from a few months ago when I was having a hard time syringe feeding him. I am so thankful!

  2. Awww… I am thrilled he is doing so well! What’s up in your world?

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