4 thoughts on “I will not buy any more yarn….”

  1. The struggle. My new plan is rugs – hold three or four strands together and you can use up a lot of yarn quickly. Buying yarn because I’m actually out of yarn, that’s the goal…okay not *out* out…when I can fit it all in one giant plastic tub, I’m gonna buy something nice to celebrate.

    1. I know, right?! Rugs are interesting. I’ve seen crocheted rugs that were really pretty, but I’d be afraid to walk on them. (I said that about fabric too….not going to buy any more fabric til I’ve sewn what I have….I’ve failed miserably there too)

  2. I am excited to know about the tatting class. I know the basics but would enjoy coming and learning more. Maybe it could start something n a regular basis!

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