Bert is doing great!

It was touch and go there for a couple of months, but those days are behind us now.

He’s been cancer free for a year and a half, has gained back most of the weight he lost, and he’s a very happy boy. He has adjusted well to not having a lower jaw line (his tongue doesn’t hang out of his mouth as the vet expected) and he enjoys his pureed food – he even has his own blender (the magic bullet had to be replaced since it was not up to the task of twice daily smoothies with a real blender) that is dedicated to the task.

A Final Update on Bert

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  1. Hello from Ohio.. our kitty is going through the same thing. We just started our journey. 75% of MILLI’S jaw has been removed.. We may be needing a 2nd surgery also for “just a few” remaining cells. He is not eating on own yet. Learning how to use tongue again.. I was wondering if you had jaw issues as first? His jaw floats a little right now and makes him afraid to try much.. I’m hoping this strengthens up. YOUR STORY GIVES US SO MUCH HOPE AND I’M THANKFUL FOR IT

    1. Oh Lori! I’m so sorry to know this about your cat! Have you read the other articles I posted here about Bert?

      When all this was happening I scoured the internet looking for help. Most of the info I found was so negative and for the most part I had to figure things out on my own. Even my vet was limited in his knowledge as to how I could get Bert eating again.

      If you’d like to talk more about this with me, send me an email (julie at

      I’m not sure what you mean about your kitty’s jaw floating. Right after surgery, Bert would open his mouth wide and mouth his tongue around in a strange way. When my vet performed the surgery he put a wire in what remained of his lower jaw to pull it together. The vet told me he wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do, but he had read about other vets doing it with dogs that had similar surgery. He told me he would remove it if it posed a problem. At first I thought the wire was causing pain or something that made Bert do that weird movement with his mouth and almost asked the vet to remove the wire, but the wire is still there (his skin grew over it so I can’t see it any more). I think it helps to hold what remains of his lower jaw together and could be the reason his tongue doesn’t hang out of his mouth (the vet is surprised by that). I can see that he rests his tongue back there.

      I think his mouth must have felt really weird to him and he was reacting to the weird feeling of it.

      One thing I learned is that cats use their lower jaws a lot to sense where their mouth is in relation to food or water bowls. It took Bert several weeks to learn where his mouth was in proximity to water and food because he no longer had chin hairs to let him know when he was close to those things when he lowered his head to the water bowl or his food dish.

  2. Julie, your story of Bert had me in tears. My cat is going to have a part removed due to a tumor and I am so sick over it. Your story gives me hope. Bert is indeed a brave kitty. Can you tell me if Bert was able to meow again eventually and did his personality change? I look forward to reading more. I hope I signed up correctly as I am in my 60s and do not do any social media. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  3. Hi Julie,

    My cat was diagnosed with carcinoma on his jaw and will get the half of it removed.
    Bert’s history gives me hope.
    And I hope that he’s still doing well!

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