My little book club

I love to read and have created a spot on Flickr where I’ll share my thoughts about the books I’m reading.

I’ve had a long standing goal to read all of the Pulitzer Prize winning novels and you can see a list of all the books I’ve read so far here:

Pulitzer Prize winning novels I’ve read

I prefer to read paper books, but I try not to purchase paper books these days since I already have several bookcases of them waiting to be read. I borrow a lot of best sellers from my local library’s ebook collection and read them on my Kindle or my Nook.  If a book I want to read isn’t available from the library as an ebook, I’ll hunt around for a decent used version of it. I’ve collected most of the Pulitzer Prizing winning novels that I haven’t read yet – unfortunately some of the older ones are out of print and impossible to find.

I’m always looking for new authors and books to read, so if you are a reader, I’d love to hear about the books you’re reading…. and go check out my little book club page on Flickr!

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