Pulitzer Prize Winning Novels I’ve Read

I started reading Pulitzer Prize winning novels in April 2009. Here’s a pictorial summary of the Pulitzer Prize winning books I’ve read over the years. 2015 Reading List 2014 Reading List 2013 Reading List 2012 Reading List 2011 Reading List 2010 Reading List 2009 Reading List

Swamplandia! was a bust (for me, anyway)

Sometimes it just makes sense to cut bait and move on! I read about 30% of the book before I was so bored with it I started skipping and skimming around, reading just enough to follow the storyline. Using that method I quickly scanned through to about the halfway point of the book and then […]

The Golden Compass

I decided to read The Golden Compass after seeing a sign at a local car repair shop that warned parents about letting their kids read this book….How ridiculous! The Golden Compass is a great read, full of imagination, interesting characters and with a compelling plot. I especially appreciate that the heroine of the story is […]

Secrets of Learning a Foreign Language

I listened to this book when I was gearing up to study the Dutch language in preparation for a trip to The Netherlands. I checked out the audio version of this book from the library. The book has several great hints and techniques about how to approach learning a new language. I thought it was […]