Swamplandia! was a bust (for me, anyway)

Sometimes it just makes sense to cut bait and move on! I read about 30% of the book before I was so bored with it I started skipping and skimming around, reading just enough to follow the storyline. Using that method I quickly scanned through to about the halfway point of the book and then […]

Hello BookLikes! So Long GoodReads!

After reading about Amazon’s purchase of GoodReads I decided I needed to move my books out of GoodReads and close down my account there.  I just don’t want Amazon.com to have such easy access to my reading preferences. I looked around the internet for alternative websites, tried out a few of them, and then I […]

A trip to Seattle’s Market to buy Market Spice Tea

It was cold and gray and snowing lightly. A trip to the Market would not be complete without seeing the fish display (and show).  The guys behind the calendar throw fish around to one another and a crowd gathers.   Outside the Market you can see the harbor.   …and across the street from the […]

Slavery by Another Name by Douglas A. Blackmon

I had not heard of this book until I listened to a podcast (OnPoint with Tom Ashbrook) interview between Tom Ashbrook and the author, Douglas Blackmon. This book just won the Pulitzer Prize in non fiction (2009). The interview was fascinating and I find the subject matter very interesting. This is an important book that […]

The Golden Compass

I decided to read The Golden Compass after seeing a sign at a local car repair shop that warned parents about letting their kids read this book….How ridiculous! The Golden Compass is a great read, full of imagination, interesting characters and with a compelling plot. I especially appreciate that the heroine of the story is […]

Secrets of Learning a Foreign Language

I listened to this book when I was gearing up to study the Dutch language in preparation for a trip to The Netherlands. I checked out the audio version of this book from the library. The book has several great hints and techniques about how to approach learning a new language. I thought it was […]

The Secret of Lost Things

I always enjoy a book whose characters stay with me after I’ve finished reading the story. The Secret of Lost Things is peopled with lots of unusual characters / misfits, if you will. A coming of age story with many unique twists and turns told in just enough poignant detail, it left me wanting more […]