Welcome to the Epilogue Book Club

I’m kicking of the restart of the Book Club to read and share my thoughts on prize winning novels.  Right now I’m reading Pulitzer Prize winning fiction, but I might branch out in the future to include other prize winning books, such as National Book Award books.

Instead of trying to coordinating face to face meeting times with any of my friends who are reading the book, we can discuss the books on the web. Here’s how it can work:

  1. I’ll post a blog entry whenever I start a new book – I’ve already posted a blog entry for our first book here.
  2. If you’ve signed up to receive notifications via email whenever I publish a new blog entry about the Book Club, you’ll receive an email with the name of the book and the date for the “meeting” along with a link to the blog post where we can discuss the book.
  3. Read the book at your own pace, and then post your comments to the blog post that is assigned to the book (see #2 above).  Read and respond to any of the comments at your leisure.
  4. Discussion of the book will conclude when I close commenting on the blog post.

To plan for future reading, I’ve published another article that shows my upcoming reading list.

If you know of any other readers who might be interested in joining the club, please share this article with them and encourage them to sign up!


One thought on “Welcome to the Epilogue Book Club”

  1. Hi everyone! I’m so glad you are here and I’m looking forward to reading along with you all. Please be sure to click the box below the “POST COMMENT” black bar below (“notify me of follow-up comments by email”) to receive emailed notifications whenever anyone posts a comment to this blog entry.

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