My Mom, an Alaskan Artist – Dorothy F. Liggett

My mother was an artist and sold most of her paintings. Her specialty was Eskimo portraits.

Shortly after we moved to Alaska, my mother befriended an Eskimo woman named Mary Walker. She walked up to Mary during the annual Fur Rendezvous festival when many Alaskan natives were out in the streets in all their beautiful parkas, introduced herself, told Mary that she was an artist and would like to paint her portrait. A close friendship ensued between Mary and my mother.

My mother painted Mary’s portrait and over the years she also painted many of her extended family – Mary shared her family photos with my mother and she painted many of her portraits from Mary’s old black & white photographs of Eskimo life and love in the frozen Alaskan arctic.

My mother died almost 30 years ago. Over the years my sister has found some of her paintings on eBay and bought them. Last night she found and purchased these lovelies, painted by my mom such a long time ago!


I am joyous and filled with many happy memories of my mother today.