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  1. I’ve read four of your five books! AND World Without End. I absolutely LOVED Tim Winton’s “Cloudstreet.” So wonderfully quirky. My friend from Perth, Australia sent it to me. Going to have to spend some time on your blog. And thanks for the follow, btw.

    I loved your piece for Writing 101 today. Your writing is fabulous.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else who read and LOVED Cloudstreet, so I am pleased to meet you here. I have sought out and read most of Tim Winton’s books, which is quite a feat since it is hard to find his older books in the US. He is truly an Australian treasure!

      I seem to be attracted to books that have some quirky turns and characters in them. I think many of Annie Proulx’s books and short stories are equally fun and well written.

      Thank you for your nice comment about my writing…I have written articles for many years, but this 101 Writing project has challenged me to write and publish such personal experiences, so this kind of writing is new, different and quite challenging for me.

  2. Julie De Jong with Needle Nerds,

    I’m a volunteer with the Southeast Affiliate of the American Heart Association with a special project that we hope your organization may embrace.

    The AHA is seeking participants for its Little hats, Big Hearts campaign to raise awareness of premature infant heart defects.
    Please connect on the link provided or seek out the information on the charity link on Heart.org


    We’re gathering support with many groups in Atlanta and statewide on making the small caps in red cotton yarn to provide to Neonatal units at area hospitals. Even appropriate yarn donations are greatly encouraged as well and may be sent to the address provided on the site.

    Direct any inquiries and donations to Jan Murphy of the AHA SE Affiliate. She’s reachable at jan.murphy@heart.org or 770-354-6886.

    We would welcome your talents and support for this year-long intiative benefiting those born in Feb 2016 next year during National Heart Month.

    Best regards,
    Riley Hunt

  3. Hi Riley! I will put the word out to the NeedleNerds – we meet this Monday – about your Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  4. Hi Julie…I am Kathryn-Kathy McMillin, and I am absolutely sure that we know each other from Alaska…and my mother Joy McMillin and your mother were friends that shared the same interests including painting… she has not one, but two paintings that your mother painted, as they were friends…
    Is it possible that you/family might recall any of that time period and have a painting that my mother may have painted that we can exchange photos of…

    1. Hi Kathryn! Your mother’s name is familiar – I think I remember her from my mother’s painting days. I’m not aware of any paintings that my mother might have had that were painted by your mother. My older sister, Cindy Liggett, may have some memories about your mom and her paintings, so I’ll ask her and let you know.

      I’m excited to learn that your mother has some of my mom’s paintings! I would love to get some pictures of the paintings!

      I am planning to devote some pages of this website to my mother and to her art in the hopes of keeping her memory alive and also to provide a place for people who knew her and her art to visit and get in touch with her family (me and my sisters). I’m really glad you found me!


  5. Hi Julie…I am so happy to let you and your family know that our mother also has very wonderful memories of your mother… one of which was of how that they were in the Artist Guild there in Anchorage and that there were about 6 artists that were together in sort of a “realist artists” group. She kept great records of her life and maybe there is a way of sharing some of the newspaper articles that your mother was also noted in… If you are interested, I can scan and send what is available and then maybe share all of her favorite memories.
    Is there an email address that your family might be able to share anything we can send any information to?

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