“Less” by Andrew Sean Greer wins the Pulitzer Prize for 2018

I’ve added the 2018 Pulitzer Prize winner in fiction to the reading list.  We’ll be reading it this coming September. Please review the Epilogue reading list for the up-to-date reading list.

Epilogue Book Club Current Reading List

Here’s the reading list and tentative dates for the books the Epilogue Book Club will be reading over the next several months: Underground Railroad, by Colson Whitehead (2017) – 5/13/2018 The Road, by Cormac McCarthy (2007) – 7/1/2018 The Late George Apley, by John Phillips Marquand (1938) – 8/12/2018 Less, by Andrew Sean Greer (2018) […]

Slavery by Another Name by Douglas A. Blackmon

I had not heard of this book until I listened to a podcast (OnPoint with Tom Ashbrook) interview between Tom Ashbrook and the author, Douglas Blackmon. This book just won the Pulitzer Prize in non fiction (2009). The interview was fascinating and I find the subject matter very interesting. This is an important book that […]